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If it's 10:00 am in New York, what time is it in London?

Not sure? Download a Time Zone Cheat Sheet sponsored by ON SET HEADSETS™ to find out more about calculating Time Zones of the World.

There are 24 time zones across the globe, spanning different regions and cultures. UTC is the worldwide standard for coordinated universal time. The starting time for UTC, formerly known as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) begins in Greenwich, England. It's displayed in the center column of our Time Zone Cheat Sheet. This time zone runs along the Prime Meridian (0 degrees longitude) and symbolizes the universal starting point for every time zone in the world.



  • The Transcontinental Railroad sparked the creation of time zones in the US. Prior to the railroad, the US government followed thousands of local time zones. However, in 1883, once the railroad was completed, railroad companies were instrumental in lobbying the government to develop four time zones so the train could stick to an accurate schedule.

  • France has the most time zones in the world with a total of 12. It's because France still holds territories around the globe, from French Polynesia (10 hours behind UTC) to the islands of Wallis and Futuna (12 hours ahead of UTC).

  • China only follows one time zone: Beijing Standard Time. In 1949 under Mao Zedong, the Chinese government switched from five time zones to one, with the aimed to promote national unity. However, in eastern areas, the sun doesn't rise until 10 am.

  • Hawaii does not follow daylight saving time and for the most part, neither does Arizona. In The Grand Canyon State, the heat from the daylight can be unbearable, which causes most residents to schedule their outdoor activities in the evening hours when it's much cooler.

  • A study from the University of Maryland found that traveling west is easier for our internal clocks to understand because it simply extends our days while traveling east does the opposite.

  • American farmers never supported daylight saving time. It's been America's urban populations, specifically retailers and corporations, that have lobbied to continue it in order to take advantage of summer daylight. Reference: 11 Things You Probably Never Knew About Time Zones - INSIDER | Mike Iadevaia - Feb 22, 2018


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