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Coastal Modelworks

Roger Rasmussen at Coastal Model Works in Port Orford, creates incredibly realistic and topographically-correct, Diorama displays for Museums and Architects.

Dioramas, Structures, and Model Fir Trees Extraordinaire! Evergreen fir trees from 5 to 50 inches tall. Also a large portfolio of completed Dioramas, Scenic Displays, Miniatures, and Structures. Dioramas can be ordered up to 5x5 feet.

Roger has created items for major TV commercials, Museums, State Parks, and private individuals. He is experienced with shipping items to the Los Angeles area, and packaging worldwide. Plus, PLA & UV resin 3D printing, photogrammetry, and small part design....a whole lot going on in a small place!

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Additionally, Roger's Coastmans Scenic Products includes the model tree portion of the business that provides realistic conifer trees and tree kits suited well for model railroading.

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