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Creating Space: the ACME Directory

The new year has trudged along again, and with that new revolution around the sun we wanted to take a chance to remind you of, and introduce you to, the network of film and creative industry resources that you could find and use within our ACME community.

Started in the late 90's to provide a database of resources for the art and wardrobe department [that were hard to find without word of mouth], the ACME Directory continues to be a resource publication for film industry professionals to find supplies, props, resources, and quick little known facts that are needed and searched for everyday during the prep, production, and wrap of our industry work.

Going 20-years strong, the ACME Directory provides a database of resources and contacts for the design side of filmmaking, moving as well into other areas like location and production resources. Still with a focus on the art side, ACME Directory has grown in the number of assets that it has to offer for the professional working in just about every department of entertainment production. While consistently adding to its listings of vendors, connecting industry crew, and providing useful information to those that are searching for answers, we at the ACME Directory have widened our footprint to help get these resources to those who need them.


- an ongoing online database of industry vendors & prop shops, both big and small, that is easily searched

- built specifically as the one stop shop to connect the industry professional to the vendor

- eliminates endless tabs of searching with vendors' email, website, and direct call button right on the listing

- industry professional listings for those needing to crew up from an art director, to a set decorator, to a location manager

**if vendors would like to be listed, submit a business application here

***professionals who would like a listing, check out the requirements here and submit a professional application here


- an information hub to read and listen to articles, podcasts, and videos that are not only interesting but inspiring for your next project

- Fun Fact Fridays, both insightful and interesting about everyday objects, history, and our industry standards

- new insights on app programs, industry news, and guild information

- Cheat Sheets, learn all about them and why you need them.

*What size tablecloth do you need? What is the size of a bed? At what height

should a light switch be on a flat? What is a size 6 in Euro sizes? What time should

all these clocks be set to?

Find the answers easily in the palm of your hand!

- a communal ground to get more expansive information, and promotions, from our listed vendors


- follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay up to date and in the know, on everything that is happening with prop houses, the industry, and other information


We look forward to your engagement!