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Five Ton Monkey Delivers 5,500 Protective Face Shields

As the COVID-19 virus began spreading, Five Ton Monkey, a prop fabrication shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico looked for ways to help. Their team decided on fabricating protective face shields. After experimenting with a number of prototypes, they found one that was strong, inexpensive, fast to produce, and that packed flat for bulk transport.

The team designed and honed a production method, tooling and workstations; then put together a supply chain for materials. They did outreach to determine who might need their help. Initially, they planned to sell face shields to large organizations to subsidize giving them to others. People started donating money and materials.

Then the State of New Mexico asked them to prepare a large order of face shields for test administrators and first-responders. This all happened in a week and a half.

They have since delivered 5,500 protective face shields to State of New Mexico first responders and test administrators, and another several hundred to the community. They are producing over 100,000 face shields and 500 kit boxes containing parts for 25,000 more for workers in need of protection.

Thank you....

This has all happened because of the efforts and generosity of a great number of people, who have contributed time, money, materials, guidance, equipment, and love to this project: Cody Power Benjamin Eisman Max Wagner Peter Lane Benjie Ortiz Navarre Nation Jair Gonzalez Michael Mocho Michelle Miano James Gould Tom Lauer Ed Merta Fred Shultz Evan Cutler Bill Graveen Jeremy Foote Bill Horn Jerry Lindahl Jim Kenney Derek Roff Christiane Bougen Ten Bears Souter Tom Stephenson Darren Tenenbaum Denise and Brandon Abeita Juan Suarez and Alice Moir Tom and Anne Blog Dick Carr and Jan Vanrees Annie Rasquin Antoine Khoury and Jodi Franco Peter Brill and Wendy Lewis Tib Shaw Darren Tenenbaum Joseph Seltzer Jason Fink Rick Thaler The LeBlanc family The Miano family The Eisman family The Guido family Sally the dog Diego Arancon in the NM GOV Office Mark Roper and Alicia Keyes at NMEDD Kelly Hamilton at NMHSEM Roy McDonald at the NMDOH Debbie Romero at the NMDFA Derek Hermann at Crestline Plastics Brandon Nall at Reactive Consulting Chris Ruddy at Big Sky Printing Brian McKeever at Supply One Robert Bower at Hunter Bower Mark Gilboard at WESST Jeff Martinez at Sedberry and Associates Steve Kitts at Rugby Terry at Peli Inc. Dee Silver at the Barnhill Bolt Company Jeff Amos at Denco Brian Joy at Big Rock Supply Tom Creighton at MD Building Supplies Jason DeGroat at Lexar Industries Lowes in ABQ on Juan Tabo Heath McCarty and KOAT Khalil Ekulona and KUNM More About Five Ton Monkey Five Ton Monkey is a design and fabrication shop for props and scenery. An eclectic group of IATSE prop-makers serving New Mexico's entertainment industry. Their services include Custom props, Sets , Scenery and Set Pieces, Custom Furniture and Architectural Millwork. High quantity turnings, of any number and size.