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Fun Fact: Bubble Wrap

Who knew?

It is always fun to land upon little known facts about everyday tools that we use. We often don't look beyond our own needs when adding expendables to a buyer's list, but this everyday essential object was invented with a purpose, and idea, that went beyond protecting valuable and fragile vendor rentals and the occasional stress relief.

In 1957, engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavonnes invented bubble wrap.

Originally intended as textured wallpaper (truly a rad idea), it wasn't until the 60's that bubble wrap caught on as a protective and packaging material. Could you imagine any slice of our creative industry without it?

So next time you are designing a late 1950's house, consider bubble wrap wallpaper! We, for one, would love to see it!

Cheers to this $4.8 billion invention!

For more info on the invention of Bubble Wrap, and the company Sealed Air, check out an article from Smithsonian Magazine here:

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