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Organization Apps to Make Work in the Film Industry Easier

Getting into the industry, the last thing we all thought we would be doing is bubble wrapping returns for prop houses and spending hours trying to figure out the best method to organize and communicate work across departments, getting it all into a clear and concise format for approvals. Even though we all learn and continuously adapt to the method that works best for us, we all have ultimately reduced the tools that we use to the basics [which there is nothing wrong with!], but there are new apps and digital resources that make this process easier and more streamlined. The world of digital tools has come a long way from Word and Excel [though those tools are invaluable]. Here are some new tools to make our work and collaboration in this industry more easy.

Here is the first of four programs, that we will profile for you, to help make your work in the film industry easier:

Sync Onset

I came onto Sync Onset, personally, years ago. Made specifically for ease during film production, the tool is not new but has come a long way in linking departments and sending information while breaking down a script, tracking your budget, ensuring continuity throughout the shoot, and final production wrap. An all encompassing production tool, this app, and program, allows you to build a database of what is being used within your department, track your budget, and store photos.


- does breakdowns by character & set

- communication system across departments

- orders and sorts information for ease of access

- separates out assets of production for ease during wrap

- people from the company are available to chat if you have any issues

- can use from both computer and phone app

- phone app is paired down for easy use onset, at location, or in a gold room


- connecting more than one department will cost production a higher subscription, but is worth it for the ease

Say goodbye to multiple excel documents, word lists, and that mess of photo files at the end. Sync Onset ties it up for Set Dec, Property, HMU, Costumes, and Locations. SyncOnSet’s Emmy Award-winning software for TV and film production departments helps creative teams stay on track and save time from prep through wrap: script breakdowns, inventory tracking and photo management for production teams

To view more information, and use, SyncOnset, visit their listing in the ACME Directory: