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The Hand Prop Room is Back!

The Hand Prop Room, a full-service Los Angeles Prop House, is officially open and, doing everything they can to make sure clients, visitors and employees stay healthy and happy. HPR now offers Temperature Screening, Masks & Gloves, Curbside Pick-Ups & Returns, along with Limited Occupancy in the Showroom. The new business hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 to 5:00. You'll find more details about their Covid-19 policies at: HPR Covid-19 › The HPR Graphics Department took advantage of the mandated downtime to create a bunch of new stock designs. In addition to the stock graphics inventory, the Graphics Department can design and print a variety of other items, such as newspapers, license plates, chair-backs, ID cards, passports, documents, food labels, menus and, more.

The "HPR Graphics Quarantine Collection"

HPR is able to service any type or size of production with over 1,000,000 Hand Props & Set Dressing items available for rental, a Creative Graphics Department, a Custom Manufacturing Facility and a Fully Outfitted Arsenal.



Visit all three of the Hand Prop Room's websites: • HPR Prop House ›HPR Graphics Department › • HPR Custom Manufacturing ›

"We look forward to working with all of you again!" - Monty Pollack, VP

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